Know Your Consumer Rights

Right to return the purchased goods upon certain conditions

If the goods are purchased without any specific agreement between the seller and the buyer and if the goods do not comply with the standards of goods under the act, the buyer has the right to return the goods or part of the goods within a reasonable time period or get the purchased price back or get a similar good in exchange. 

Right to be notified of the defects in goods sold

Where commercial goods are damaged or not fit for the purpose, the buyer shall be informed of such defect prior to the sale of such goods. 


Right to be able to view and test goods

Where the buyer requests to test and examine any goods so as to ascertain if such goods are not damaged or defective, such goods shall be presented to the buyer for examination and where such goods can be subjected to a test, such test shall be performed in the presence of the buyer. 

Right to file a claim with the Consumer Ombudsman

Where the goods bought does not comply with the requirements set out in the Act, or in case of violation of any other provision of the Act, the buyer may file a lawsuit or file a complaint with the Consumer Ombudsman, to claim for any damages incurred. 


Right to demand for better services

If any problem is observed in the service obtained, the consumer has the right to request the service provider to rectify the problem within a reasonable period. 

Right to claim for damages upon termination of contract with the service provider

Buyer has the right to claim for damages where the issue observed is serious and impossible to rectify 


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