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The office of the Consumer Ombudsman is a statutory body established under Law Number 12/2020 (Consumer Protection Act). The Act was ratified on 31 August 2020 and became effective on 1 March 2021. The aim of the Act is to protect the rights of consumers and to stipulate the responsibilities of suppliers of goods and services in the Maldives.  

Consumer Ombudsman was appointed on 31st August 2021 under the Act. Consumer Ombudsman has a statutory duty to investigate complaints of non-compliance and is tasked with ensuring that businesses adhere to its provisions of the Act and determining compensation to consumers when necessary. The office of the Consumer Ombudsman is established in the Ministry of Economic Development.   

The duties and powers of the Consumer Ombudsman are to:  

  • To establish a mechanism to enable reporting of violations of the Act.   
  • To investigate complaints submitted in accordance with the Act.     
  • To award compensation for the losses incurred due to non-compliance of the Act.  
  • To take action in cases of violation of the Act.
  • To publish the decisions of the ombudsman in complaints submitted. 
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