Be a Fair Trader

Non - discrimination amongst consumers

No consumer should be subjected to unfair discrimination in relation to sales of goods or provision of services. 

Prohibited actions

No sellers or service provider should use unethical and unjust business tactics or use any unfair means or influence in supplying of goods or services. 

Display of prices of goods

Except the goods categorized by the Ministry of Economic Development as exempted, prices of all other goods (whether sold individually or in bulk) must be clearly displayed.

Instances where goods may not be sold

Even if a purchaser requests, goods may be held off without being sold, in the following circumstances: to complete an action required by the law; A reasonable quantity of the goods has been sold to the customer on that occasion; Where a wholesale trader is demanded to sell a lesser quantity of the good contrary to the normal practice of a wholesale business. 

Conditions of Sale

No consumer must be conditioned to purchase an additional item along with the goods bought nor should be required to perform any action other than the payment of the price. This does not prohibit the sale of similar or various types of items together as a package where the producer or seller has required as such. 

Labeling the goods

Imported, locally produced or food items packed in packets, cans, bottles or in boxes must be clearly labelled with the details of its content, weight, quantity, date of manufacture, date of expiry and directions of its usage, in accordance with the regulations determined by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Price and conditions of service

The price of the service and any conditions associated with the service must be clearly displayed at the venue of service. If required by the consumer, a document containing the said details should be made available. If a service requires for an application to be made, a copy of it should be available in Dhivehi language. 

Not to sell expired goods or goods with defects

It is prohibited to display goods for sale after the expiry of the period of use of such goods and to display any goods which have been perished or contaminated to the extent injurious to human consumption. 

Providing a copy of payment receipts

A sales receipt containing the details of the purchased goods or service (including the quantity and type), price, date of purchase, name and address of the seller or service provider must be given to all the consumers. 

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