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Divisions of Consumer Ombudsman Office

The functions of the Consumer Ombudsman Office are supported by the following divisions

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Legal Division

The Legal Division is responsible for providing legal analysis in all investigations of complaints filed under Consumer Protection Act.  It also assists in the drafting of related subsidiary regulations and guidelines and provides legal advise to Consumer Ombudsman in the execution and administration of the of the Act.

Enforcement Division

This Division ensures consumer protection and consumer safety through enforcement action relating to the administration of the Act. It enables resolution of disputes between consumers and suppliers that is expedient, cost effective, fair and transparent. It conducts investigations so as to enforce the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act thereby ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Act.

Case Management and Reporting Division

The Case Management and Reporting Division is responsible for assisting the Consumer Ombudsman in registering complaints, receiving relevant documents, formulating and publishing reports and other relevant information.  

Advocacy and Awareness Division


The Division is mandated to increase knowledge on the nature and dynamics of the consumer market and to promote public awareness on consumer protection matters by implementing education and awareness measures on the provisions of the Act.

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